The only nurse call system with a patented modular design. It is suitable for even the most demanding users in hospitals and clinics, because it can be designed as a state-of-the-art system offering technologically advanced features, and thus providing the best comfort for users and simplifying the work of the nursing staff. It can also be designed as a simple nurse call system with basic functions and safe operation, which makes it suitable for nursing homes.

The system complies with every standard required in Slovenia and the EU, as well as with German standard DIN VDE 0834 (Part 1 and 2).

Simple call system without speech:

An independent nurse call system consists of room modules with sound and optical call forwarding and call diversion; room indicators, sockets for call cords, call cords and separate button for the toilet.

System with speech:

The system with speech enables listening to music (radio and/or TV). It consists of different room modules for optical and sound forwarding of calls, as well as voice connection between rooms. Each unit functions both independently and with other connected units to create an independent functional area, which allows any kind of unit assembly.

System advantages:
  • wired nurse call system, easily connected with other systems at your facility,
  • computer monitoring and control of all events,
  • each module can include an LCD display,
  • interruptions and outages are separately displayed and signalled,
  • each element is constantly self-controlled and monitored,
  • foil keyboard – for easier and better disinfection, no edges,
  • easily expandable system at any time (and with no interruptions to service during the expansion of the system at any time in the future),
  • open interface – possibility for integration with any other system.